Why Choose H2O2?

H2O2 Wine Cellar Design came to fruition when we realized there was a need for a company that provides a turnkey solution for the most discriminating wine collectors.

Unlike our competitors, our cellar building teams are specially trained. All of the staff are educated with the proper cellar building requirements. All of our cellars are built according to wine cellar building codes. From framing, insulation, vapor barriers, to dry walling, flooring, etc, we often exceed the required industry standards to ensure every single cellar that we build is done to our customers' satisfaction.

We have a by appointment showroom, which means you, our ultimate customer do not pay for full time staff and large overhead like our competitors. Our fabricators are well trained and are capable of building your wine cellars all by themselves. They are also licensed electricians which is the most important of all. It is not rocket science to build a wine cellar; you donÕt need 10 or more different people coming to your house to build a wine cellar. We pass all these savings on to the customer and provide them with our absolute low price compared to others.

Since all of our fabricators are well trained and can multi-task, this means there is no downtime in between. Our average turn around time to build a 1000+ bottle wine cellar from scratch is 3-4 full working days. Yes, 3-4 days only. A lot of our customers do prefer to be present while we are there, not that they don’t trust us, but they always like to participate with some new ideas while we are in the process. We respect that and we have absolutely no problem with the customers being there, we do not cut corners as we have absolutely nothing to hide. We satisfy our customers' request as much as we can from minor plan changes, pictures taken throughout the whole building process, and even tight time schedule without compromising quality.

Contact: info@h2o2winecellardesign.com or 416-388-9388