Storage Tips

The drinking, collection and storage of wine dates back thousands of years. As with so many hobbies the drinking of wine has grown into a large and ever evolving process. Storage of wine is meant to protect the investment of the collector. Here are some tips to help ensure that your wine will not spoil.

  • Make sure that the bottle is kept in a horizontal position. This keeps the cork wet. Wet corks expand and press against the sides of the bottle preventing the air from entering the bottle. Wine must be kept sealed from outside elements that will spoil the wine quickly.

  • Make sure that the temperature is consistent with as little as possible rapid variation. Rapid variation of temperature will cause the wine within the bottle to expand and contract causing further pressures on the cork to move and allow air into the bottle and the evaporation of wine effecting the taste and longevity of the wine.

  • Make sure that your wine racks are made from wood. Wood resists the sudden change of temperature and since the body of the wine rack can be significant in a room it can make a significant difference.

  • Make sure the wine rack is built robustly. Too often wine racks fail because the wood is too thin or built with a minimum if any substantial fasteners.

  • Long periods of light exposure can affect your wine. Exposure to light should be kept to a minimum. Do not leave your wine cellar lights on if it is not necessary.

  • Constant or frequent vibration of wine bottles should be avoided.
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